Eclectic Gentleman

When you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality


You guys are such fake fans. Name five of my songs!


iono how flirting works. i can flirt n shit, but when its coming in my direction, iono wtf be goin on. a chick gotta tell me straight up that she tryna do somethin for me to know she feelin the boy.

Girl: lol cant believe you like that show…its all gossip.
Me: dont judge me, b lol. they be runnin dey mouf like crazy.
Girl: you wanna run up in my mouf?

see that that up there ^ 

if it aint somethin like that then i will never know if she down wit the get down. sendin lil emojis just dont cut it.




I really hate seeing people using others culture as trends. You devalue the purpose of it by doing so. And quite frankly, it’s disgusting.

Aka white folk with dreads tbh

I understand but American has no culture it a mix of every…

Culture is something that is meant to be shared. Look up the definition. Tradition is what you guys are referring to. People should seek to understand others traditions. Black Americans take from others traditions all the time.

Did this guys say he was wearing a sun hat? What the fuck that look like ?


I changed my septum ring and my mom came into my room and said
“Oh my god you look so cute , like I created you. I created your cute little ass” 💕